Inspired Aspirations, LLC

Jamie Reklau

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Inspired Aspirations

On a personal note...

I am living my journey in life just like you, and I am choosing to share my God given gift with the world to assist others with finding internal peace and contentment within themselves, to reach goals, or to overcome current struggles. I am just a chick, a chick that is equal to the rest of the world, as I believe no one individual is greater than or less than another. We are all equal.

To unwind and enjoy life some of the things I feel passionate about are hiking/nature in general, fishing, theater, roller-skating, staying physically active, laughter, and enjoying time with people that are close to me along with being highly involved in my children’s lives.

I love humor. I do love to keep things light and to joke around as I believe life is too short to maintain a serious level at all times. With that said, I also know when to maintain things on a serious note. Things happen in life. We go off track, we fall down, and we wonder who we are and where our place is. Sometimes we are content and everything seems to be going right, but at some point we realize we want more. These feelings are all ok and there is nothing really wrong, it’s just part of self-growth in the journey. This is where my natural gifts and abilities, combined with my education can assist you, making it a bit easier, and one step at a time, embracing each moment, learning to love your life journey.