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Guided Imagery is the form of hypnosis offered at Inspired Aspirations. This form is quiet, relaxing, held in safe space, in a nonjudgmental zone, and is similar to a “story time”.


By collecting information addressing what you are in session for, your verbiage will be added into a script (story or instructional message) that best suits your situation. Next, as you are comfortable in a recliner, I would assist you into a relaxed dream like state. It is here that your subconscious mind is dominant. It is in your subconscious that we replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, or as I like to say, “New positive seeds are planted to flourish and grow new uplifting thought patterns.”

FACT: *Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind*

FACT: *You can NOT get stuck in a hypnotic trance*

NOTE: This form of hypnosis is nothing like Hollywood entertainment hypnosis that you see on stage and in movies. I can’t control you. You are in control and can stop session anytime if you would feel the need.


Let’s go a little deeper with this one…

*There’s you… you know… the you that puts on that mask and does the daily things that are either expected of you, or that you feel you have to do, along with maybe acting a certain way…

*Then there’s that other part of you. The other part of you that is there, but maybe hiding. Hiding in the shadows right behind you, constantly, because if he/she actually shows themselves to the world, what might others think? Would you still be accepted for showing 100% of all of you?

*Or maybe it is the “every day you” that is afraid to acknowledge the other you that hides, due to fear of failing if you try, or fear of having to live up to your highest potential.

*Maybe you have made the choice to dedicate all of your time to your family, leaving yourself behind for so many years, you don’t know what you want, who you are, where to turn or how to get there.

*Perhaps you want to release weight or stop smoking and need assistance…

*Has stress, anxiety or insomnia taken over your life and you are in need of a new thought process or rebalancing?

*OR… maybe you just need a vacation, somewhere on a beach, just to forget the daily grind for an hour or so…

Yes! You read that right! From building self-confidence, sports enhancements, relationship struggles, fears, stresses, anything holding you back to mini vacations, these are just a few things hypnosis can assist you with.

Can you imagine taking some time to just let go? To simply relax and rejuvenate yourself?