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It is an unfortunate thing in life that the majority of us have been trained with a negative thought pattern, especially when it comes to thoughts about ourselves or things we say about ourselves.

We were not placed here to “beat ourselves up”. We are here to love and respect ourselves and others. So how do we retrain the negative self-talk? With AFFIRMATIONS!

What is an affirmation? Affirmations are positive statements that you seek out, or create yourself that feel good to you. By repeating them on a daily basis they can assist you in changing your thought patterns from negative self-talk to positive self-talk.

Affirmations have been dominant in my life for years, and to my surprise, it has come to my attention that many do not know about them or use them. The blessing about affirmations is that they are FREE easily accessible, and successful. If you can’t find one you like, you can create your own! Yes you can invest in them and purchase some, but definitely not necessary by any means! You have the power within you to change a negative thought into positive at any time, then by repeating it more and more, you will notice a lighter more uplifting mood.

JAMIE’S PERSONAL FACT : Many years ago when I started affirmations, I thought they were really hard to do. This is how “lost” I was. I successfully made the choice to keep them a part of my life. Affirmations have been a part of my daily life for many years now and I can’t imagine my life without them, and they are FREE!