Inspired Aspirations, LLC

Jamie Reklau

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Inspired Aspirations

Why is Jamie Qualified?

Jamie is a graduate of Southwest Institute Healing Arts located in Tempe Arizona. After taking a program through an online course, and completing more than 750 hours of academics, theory, and practice along with holding a 4.0 GPA, she has earned the title of Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner. This program has given her the honor of learning many modalities, a few including Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and Toe Reading. She is a clinically certified Hypnotherapist, a member of both the ACHE (American Counsel of Hypnotist Examiners) and IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association). With high creditability, this enables her to confidently be your Mentor & Guide assisting you in whatever area you are seeking.

How much farther can you go? This is a common question that Jamie asks herself. Jamie has faced a lot of challenges in life which brings ease in her ability to assist individuals, allowing her to naturally resonate with many different types of issues and personalities she encounters. She has chosen to take her trials and turn them into opportunities for self-growth through life. By nature, she uses this idea to assist you in finding a way through your oppositions, to discover passion, and the higher side of life that you may struggle to uncover on your own. Jamie has an open heart, is nonjudgmental, and strives to assist others to always be in a comfort level, when sharing space. Jamie is exited to assist you in discovering the area of life that you want to overcome, enhance, or simply learn to be your own best friend. She is confident that the answers are already within you, and is passionate about leading you into the discovery within.